Let’s All Be Farmers

Farming creates opportunities to lift people out of poverty in developing nations like Nigeria? Over 60 percent of the world’s working poor find employment in agriculture. Farming creates more jobs, beginning with farmers, and continuing with farm equipment makers, food processing plants, transportation, infrastructure and manufacturing.

Why Should We “ALL” Be Farmers?

Of all skills to get or things to be. Weird right? I know your excuses.

-I don’t know jack about cultivating anything
-I have degrees
-I am too talented
-I own a multimillion dollar company
-I earn six figures every month
-it’d bruise my ego
-it’s a task for the minor
-I have health problems
-It’d ruin my physique

You guessed right, and the list goes on and on.
Well, as usual ride with me. I’m your chauffeur. The best you’ll ever have.

Let’s take a quick pause, ponder a bit more on those excuses above. Are they good enough? By good, I mean are they enough reasons to deter everyone and anyone from farming?

If your answer is yes, please quickly answer this.

-Do you eat? If again your answer is Yes
-How many times do you eat on an average daily? Whatever your response is to that, brings me to the next question.
-How long can you go without eating?
-Next, do you have any idea what the current world population is? If No, I’d help you with that. It’s approximately about a sum total of 7.8billion people.

-What does that say to you?
-Now, very quickly do you have an idea how much food is consumed by an average man or woman per day?

Research has found that the average person eats between three and five pounds of food per day. In a pamphlet entitled Low-Energy-Dense Foods and Weight Management: Cutting Calories While Controlling Hunger, the CDC writes, “Research shows that people eat a fairly consistent amount of food on a day-to-day basis. 

Let me assist you with the mathematics quickly via an illustration that most of us can relate to. Meats mostly are measured in pounds at most of our markets by butchers. Now whatever any of us consume imagine placing 3 to 5 pounds of that meal on a scale. That’s exactly what we all eat in a day in whatever style. Cooked, grilled, fried, boiled, baked, Italian, Chinese, Nigerian, English etc.

Now, imagine that in 30days, and that in 365 days. Now this time do the maths if you may. Then you’d discover just how much food is consumed by an average human annually.

Multiply that number by 7.8 billion.

Oh yeah, I see that look on your face. So what was those excuses you gave again. Now I rephrase the question I posed earlier. Do you think those excuses above are good enough?

Absolutely NOT, “right”? Now, we’re getting somewhere. I thought you might say that. 

Lastly don’t you think that the present peasant and commercial farming we practice need more hands? We hear of famine in different parts of the world, we ourselves living in developing countries in particular, though happen to have a great number of our active population as farmers end up recording the highest number of victims affected by famine.

Few Reasons Why We Should All Be Farmers :

It’s the main source of raw materials

It’s vital to international trade

It plays a big role in a nation’s revenue. …

It provides employment.

It’s crucial to a country’s development.

It can help heal the environment

It goes hand-in-hand with war.

It’s the source of our food supply

It improves our bond

Let’s All be Farmers, Shall we? Now, clearly I do not refer to just crops, but all facets of farming, animal husbandry etc. Let’s inculcate the “grow a tree” culture to farming. Let’s all have some sort of garden in our homes, where herbs and forage could be cultivated, this could be handy for our dairy animals and personal purposes.

Stereotype kills, It’s the poison that slowly kills us, and we use it so ignorantly, we empower it. No career is superior to the other, we all need each other to survive this journey called life. An accountant need a banker, as much as an engineer, a secretary needs a fishmonger, a writer needs a trader, a doctor, a politician needs a technician, etc. We are all connected one way or another an, we have to be there for ourselves, lend a helping hand. Farming does not strip anyone from their various degrees.

Or makes you any less of your gender or whatever position you occupy socially, in short as a matter of fact, it adds to it.

So what do you say, Let’s all be farmers Yeah? 

Written by Kani

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